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Team Building: The President leaves no detail to chance

Alberto Cerqua, president of Miss Europe Continental, one of the most inclusive beauty contests of recent years, talks about how building the whole team is important for the success of the event.

“The eleventh edition of the competition took place in November 2023. Like every year, I chose to collaborate with the best professionals, starting with the team that deals with television production. It is not easy to coordinate so many professionals, every small detail of the show is managed by a team that has professional skills aimed at managing that aspect: direction, lights, sounds, stage. Always choosing high-level professionals certainly makes everything easier: when I arrive at the theater before the event everything is bare, I am aware that I have to create a television scene starting practically from scratch, but I am sure of the result knowing the technicians and professionals to whom I entrust the construction, even though I am always present.

I entrusted the direction to Giulio Di Blasi, who has been in the team for years, has harmony with the concept and knowledge of the product I want to obtain. Giulio directed the first production at the Mostra d’Oltremare, then the subsequent ones at the Teatro Sant’Aniello. Together we work to obtain a better show every year, our production is now at objectively very high levels but we remain critical in every aspect to always improve.

Another indispensable figure for me is Giorgio Fracassi, Director of Photography; I have also been collaborating with Giorgio for years and we share high expectations in what we create. He works for the most important national productions and I know that by relying on him I have a guarantee of quality.

This year too, the show is broadcast on the Prime Video streaming platform, a great achievement thanks to hard work. For the tv hosting I could only rely once again on Veronica Maya. Veronica is now the godmother of the event, our audience considers her a reference and for me it is a pleasure to work with her: she is so talented that if you watch the show it seems child’s play, you get the impression that anyone could get on the stage stage to present, but anyone who knows the world of television understands that this isn’t the case. I then wanted to support Veronica with people in the hosting, to give a hint of dynamism to the show: Marco Senise and Maria Monsé, historical faces of the competition, covered the role of special correspondents. Antonella Salvucci hosted the evening and tell the secrets, emotions and desires of the Misses directly from backstage.

I chose to take a risk, something new in beauty pageants. I chose to have a special jury: Nelly Rai, Valentina Kishko, Veronica Corrente and Valentina Turatti. These are four finalists who participated in previous editions: it was a very risky choice since the girls had so much experience in the world of pageantry, however doing television, actively participating, being part of the hosting, is a different thing. I wanted to be sure that the evaluations were made by competent people, who know what they are judging having experienced it first hand. I must say that the risk I took paid off: the girls were absolutely up to the task, totally at ease with the cameras and did an impeccable job. Furthermore, it is always a satisfaction for me to see our former participants again, to give them new opportunities beyond the Contest.

I personally chose all the figures who supported me in this production, for me it’s like building a team, and it’s important to choose each element carefully. I am grateful and satisfied with the result obtained and obviously aspire to an even better result for future productions.”

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