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Interview with Giorgio Fracassi, director of photography of Miss Europe Continental, the beauty contest produced by Alberto Cerqua

When did the collaboration with the Miss Europe Continental beauty contest start?

– The collaboration was born after my first meeting with Alberto Cerqua in 2018.

How did you meet producer Alberto Cerqua and how did you get involved in the project?

– I had heard about Alberto in a very positive way from some fellow directors of photography and some directors.

Set in Italy, Miss Europe Continental is a show broadcast by European and overseas broadcasters, with an international audience. What were your references for the photography and scenography of the event?

-As a starting point to define the photography and scenography I was inspired by events such as popular beauty contests and Eurovision, naturally trying to add elements of my personal style.

How does the inspection phase take place, and what are the current locations?

-The inspections take place in the Mediterranean theatre, which has hosted the event since 2018.

How many weeks does the filming plan include, and what are the most difficult scenes to shoot?

-Over the years, for the organization of photography, a relationship of close collaboration and mutual trust has been established with Alberto, a relationship that develops throughout the year that separates two subsequent events. Each new event represents an opportunity for growth for me, also due to the support and continuous stimulation of Alberto. A particular aspect of this collaboration is the freedom to explore cutting-edge technical solutions, in particular regarding lighting fixtures.

Is there an element that, consciously or unconsciously, identifies your style?

– The element that identifies my photography is always trying to obtain a soft and enveloping light, which highlights without altering the natural colors (eyes, complexion and hair) of the models. As regards the effects, I instead seek the balance between innovation and the standard of elegance and quality that distinguishes this event.

What are you currently working on?

-I am currently involved in film productions, which represent one of my major professional interests in this last period. I am also involved in the making of documentaries and television formats. My challenge is to involve viewers and be able to convey the emotion and adrenaline of the live broadcast, which the Miss Europe Continental show spreads throughout the world.

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