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Interview with Alberto Cerqua, entrepreneur and producer who has always looked for quality in his event, creator of Cinema e Moda Italia and Miss Europe Continental. A man who, over the years, has been able to give dreams through his productions.

Alberto, you have been in the entrepreneurial sector for years. How did your passion for fashion begin?
It all started when I was very young, at the age of sixteen, when I approached the world of fashion. I have collaborated, in the Roman and Milanese high fashion venues, with important organizations and international brands. This professional context, complex and dynamic, inspired me to give life to something of my own, which bore my sole signature, thus leaving an indelible mark. So I gave birth to Cinema e Moda Italia, my first event organization.

You were only eighteen years old, Alberto, when you decided to create “Cinema e Moda Italia”, an event planning company. How much satisfaction did it give you?

Definitely a lot! I was very young and starting such an ambitious project has no guarantee of success. The fashion world is full of initiatives similar to this and few are destined for success. For my part, with perseverance and dedication, I continued the project. Luckily it turned out to be a success.

In 2013 you gave life to a further dream linked to fashion: “Miss Europe Continental”. What can you tell us about it?

The world of Italian fashion has always inspired many people, all over the world, whether creators or spectators. This encouraged me to create something that went beyond the Italian border, that opened the doors of a reality even to those who observe it from afar, so I gave life to Miss Europe Continental. The idea was to celebrate female beauty in all its ethnicities, through Made in Italy. There are hundreds of Misses who travel from all over the world today to reach the city of Naples in Italy – actual location of the show – for the international finals of the Contest.

Any news on this, Alberto?

Yes, there will be a lot of news about it and we will anticipate them shortly.

What can you tell us further about your artistic future?

I don’t like to spoil what my future projects will be. I mostly prefer the surprise effect, leaving them something to talk about at the end of the show. However, I can assure you that there are many initiatives underway, already for the twelfth edition which will be held in 2025.

Credits to Live Media 24 Magazine for the interview.

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